Produkt-Updates & Versionshinweise

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  • Function fields with script returning image field will now be editable in Print Layout Designer (All Platforms)

  • Calendar entries will not intermittently disappear upon reload/refresh (All Platforms)

  • From now on, creating and deleting views multiple times for a table will not break the User Interface (All Platforms)

  • Changing connection server within the app won’t result in failure anymore (Android)

  • Opening pdf attachments will no longer throw ‘file format not recognized’ error (Android)

  • Giving long names to the databases will no longer result in clipped database names in the view (All Platforms)

  • 2020-08-28

  • Upon launch, Ninox sometimes give a white screen that does not disappear- won’t happen anymore (iPad)

  • You will not lose the footer content (sum of the column) upon dragging and dropping the column within the table (All Platforms)

  • You can now attach or rename an attached file with special characters in the name. The file will not vanish anymore (All Platforms)

Aktuellste Versionen

Für weitere Informationen zu Ninox-Updates und -Versionen wenden Sie sich bitte an unseren Kundensupport.

  • Android (3.1.3)

  • iPad (3.1.3)

  • iPhone (3.1.3)

  • Mac (3.1.3)

  • On-Premise Linux (3.1.3)

  • On-Premise Windows (3.1.3)

  • Private Cloud (no version)

  • Web App (3.1.3)