New templates for HR management

For those in a hurry and for database beginners: The Ninox templates

You start every Ninox project by creating a database to transfer and store your information. After logging into Ninox, you can choose to start with an empty database or use one of the many Ninox templates to create your database - either way, you'll be able to customise it to fit your needs. Quickly and without much programming effort, thanks to Ninox's no-code/low-code approach.  

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There is a lot to be said for using templates: Ninox templates make it easier to get started and shorten the path to your own application, as they are based on frequently occurring use cases. Numerous templates, such as projects or address management, are already available. Now we are introducing new templates that are a great help for business-critical processes: six new templates for HR processes are available on your Ninox platform from today.

The new, user-friendly template navigation provides a better overview of the currently available templates. This has created a better onboarding experience for new users:

New HR templates to digitize human resources management

These six new templates provide an excellent starting point for creating your own HR applications: You can digitally map HR, application, hiring workflows and more and bundle them in one tool.

Leave planner

For clear staff scheduling: with calendar, dashboards and reports.

Time Tracking

To record working hours and overtime digitally, with just a few clicks.


For the secure offboarding of employees.


For the successful onboarding of new employees.

HR master data

To bundle all data and documents in a digital personnel file.


For digital application processes: from job posting to onboarding.