Ninox v2.6 Public Beta Starts Today

Dear Ninox Community,

The new Ninox version is around the corner. We are now one big step closer: Ninox 2.6.0 Public Beta starts today. Explore the new features and let us know your feedback.

Try the New Features

If you are an Android user - especially if you use an Android tablet - you might want to try out the new release with the link below:

Try the New Features on Android

Improved Kanban views


Change colors, icons and order of the Kanban lanes with just a single click.

Improved navigation


Rearrange items in the navigation pane by drag and drop

New Pivot table view


Use pivot tables to you analyze your data.

And many more

• Navigation of table views is much better now.
• Share Kanban and Cards views on the web.
• Add more functionality to formula fields with the new "on click" trigger.
• Preview images with the new lightbox.
• Improved rich text editor.
• Tons of small improvements.

What is next?

Ninox version 2.6.0 is an import release. And stay tuned: there's more to come this year. We have dedicated ourselves to develop and improve Ninox to meet and exceed your expectations. We value and appreciate all feedback on our product.

We value and appreciate all feedback on our product, provide yours and help us make Ninox better. We will be very thankful!

Provide Feedback

Thank you so much for your support! Alex & Frank in the name of the whole team.