Managing meter readings in the housing industry

Having the tenants read the consumption meters regularly results in a lot of organisation issues for housing companies and property managers. The SWSG has therefore completely converted its meter reading management from paper forms and Excel tables to Ninox.

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Customer profile

With more than 18,000 rental flats, the SWSG is one of the largest municipal housing companies in Germany. For over 80 years, they have been providing affordable housing for broad sections of the population, on behalf of the state capital Stuttgart. They are largely focused on the development of their own residential property portfolio and the property development business.



Inputting meter data from paper forms into Excel tables

Recording meter readings for electricity, gas and water regularly is an important task but one that, with 18,000 homes, is also quite complex. For a long time, the data was recorded by hand on paper forms during the on-site house calls and then later transferred to Excel tables. This was a time-consuming, costly, and often error-prone procedure. That's why the SWSG was looking for a digital, cloud-based solution that could be used on mobile devices.

Because the development of a mobile application as an extension of the existing ERP system from SAP would have been overly expensive and time-consuming, the SWSG decided to develop its own individual solution with Ninox.

Client Portrait
We wanted to replace paper and have a more flexible meter reading management system. Ninox solved both problems.
Oliver Pastor
Head of Operating Costs Management


Centralised data collection and processing

With Ninox, the SWSG were able to completely change the meter reading process in a relatively short time. Instead of a stack of paper forms, employees are now equipped with an iPad. Once the data is recorded with the iPad, it's immediately available in the central database. With photos and digital signatures stored directly in Ninox, house calls can also be documented more efficiently. The data is exported to management, processed, and sent on to the relevant utility companies.

In addition, an order management system has also been integrated. Open meter-reading orders are immediately recognisable and can be assigned to specific employees, who are automatically notified by e-mail.

Key Features

  • Digital meter readings on an iPad
  • Digital photos and signatures
  • Efficient order management


The biggest advantage of the solution from Ninox is the enormous amount of time saved. Even the recording of meter readings is much faster, and the time-consuming transfer of data from paper forms to Excel tables is completely eliminated. At the same time, the potential for errors has also been significantly reduced. Thanks to the possibility of taking photos and receiving signatures directly into Ninox using the iPad, all processes can be documented seamlessly.

Every field service employee has personalised forms and only sees the information that is relevant to them. By using the Ninox Cloud, all data is immediately available in the central database and can be processed without losing any time.

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