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Data is the backbone of an advertising agency. Leedia was being held back by unwieldy data analysis via Google Sheets and needed a way out. Now, they have their own customised CRM solution with Ninox.


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Customer profile

Leedia is a performance marketing agency based in Italy. Spearheaded by their CEO, Andrea Mascheroni, they advertise with the aim to generate leads for brokers in the trading industry, specifically focusing on people interested in investing online. Their methods include native advertising, email and SMS marketing, and display advertising. There can be no thought of finishing for ‘aiming for the stars.’ Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning.


Data overload required a new system

The marketing industry requires a wide range of CRM and reporting tools to make the most of a client’s budget. Advertising requires a lot of data collection and analysis to make accurate decisions in a limited timeframe. Initially, Leedia was relying on Google Sheets to store and manually analyze all of their data. They struggled with duplicate and inaccurate information, and found it challenging to sift through and analyse so much data on a regular basis. So, Andrea began to search for a more efficient, connected, and customizable CRM solution for Leedia.

Ninox can create anything you have in your mind, and with the expertise and powerful reporting tools of Nioxus, that can be made into reality.

Andrea Mascheroni


10% time freed up

Once Andrea found Ninox, he decided to test it out. He was impressed with the expansive capabilities of Ninox, but knew that it might be complicated to build the CRM he needed to run his business. That's when he reached out to Nioxus to request the development of a custom solution that would meet all of Leedia’s complex needs.

With the power of Ninox and the expertise of Nioxus, Leedia was able to implement a CRM solution that organised their data and automatically sorted out bad or duplicate leads. Using ReportsPLUS by Nioxus, Leedia’s team could now easily visualise their data on a daily basis without any of the previous inefficiencies.

Andrea estimates they were allocating approximately 10% of their time per week to data analysis prior to switching to Ninox and ReportsPLUS by Nioxus.

Key Features
  • Data management
  • Customer care and management
  • Report generation


With Ninox, Nioxus, and ReportsPLUS, Leedia received both a CRM solution and an analytics and business intelligence platform in one that saved them countless hours and resources. Now, their marketing team can instantly access crucial and detailed reports to drive advertising tactics, budget, and overall decision making. They no longer have to waste time analysing masses of data by hand. Their team can also have faith in their data, knowing it is accurate, relevant, and delivered on a timely basis.

Andrea believes this has been priceless for their business, and looks forward to Leedia’s next project with Nioxus, involving connecting ReportsPLUS to other marketing programs that they have in use.

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