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In the midst of the pandemic, ideas and flexibility are even more in demand than usual. Vaccination and testing centers have been springing up everywhere and require new organizational structures. A volunteer high school graduate has helped the ASB improve the efficiency of its test centers.

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Germany?s Workers? Samaritan Federation (ASB) is an independent, nationwide aid and welfare organization with more than 1.3 million members, over 40,000 full-time and around 20,000 voluntary staff. Its main areas of activity include ambulance, rescue and nursing services, care for the elderly and disabled as well as work with children and young people. The organization is divided into 16 federal state associations and 194 district associations.

ASB Barsinghausen


Very time-consuming processes that relied on Excel tables

The ASB operates Covid-19 test centers throughout Germany. A station with 3 testing lines was also set up in Barsinghausen, Lower Saxony, under the auspices of the Hannover-Land/Schaumburg district association. The station tested up to 800 people for Covid per day during the height of the pandemic. The procedure was as follows: first, the data for each person waiting to be tested was recorded on paper forms and transferred to Excel spreadsheets. After the test had been completed, the data was then transferred to the certificates by hand. The 15-minute waiting time was measured with egg timers. This worked relatively smoothly, but was very time-consuming and prone to errors.

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With Ninox, the time spent on administration per test person was successfully reduced by about 40 to 50 percent.
Patrik Ronschke
ASB member


Fast, integrated low-code solution with Ninox

Patrik Ronschke, an 18-year-old high school graduate who has been involved with ASB for a long time, had an idea on how to make the processes and data flow more efficient. As head of the first-aid station at his school, he had already digitalized processes there with Ninox. Drawing on this experience, he designed a solution for the Covid-19 test center in a relatively short time and convinced those responsible about the considerable practical benefits that could be gained through using his application. It was also helpful that Ninox provided full user accounts as part of its Covid-19 initiative. IPads were purchased and, after quickly familiarizing themselves with the software, ASB staff were able to use Patrik's Ninox solution and work much more efficiently. Following the successful trial operation in Barsinghausen, it was therefore rolled out to other test centers.

Key Features

  • Process management
  • Materials management
  • Documentation


Speed up processes, minimize errors, save time and costs. This is what digitalization is all about. And this is what the ASB test centers were also about. The personal data now only has to be recorded once and is consistently available at all demand points along the testing lines. Certificates are now also generated directly from Ninox – or sent in digital form by email. The data for individuals who have already been tested are immediately available, and notification forms for the health authorities can also be generated from Ninox. Ninox is also used to manage materials and re-orders as well as staff qualifications. At the beginning, Patrik monitored the solution in practice during the ongoing operation and further optimized it. Currently, a connection to the "Corona-Warn-App", Germany's official Covid-19 contact tracing app, is also being considered.

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