Managing festival with 80,000 attendees

Anyone attending major concert events probably cannot even begin to imagine the enormous amount of effort required to organize them. In order to keep a grip on the vast amount of information, tasks and deadlines, flexible, powerful software is also required.


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With up to 80,000 fans attending each year, Würzburg's "Umsonst und draussen" (U&D) music festival, which roughly translates as "Free and Outside", has made a name for itself far beyond the borders of the region during the 33 years of its existence. One of the original co-initiators of the festival is Ralf Duggen. Since U&D was registered as an association in 1995, he has been responsible for running the festival with a half-time position as Managing Director until today.

Umsonst + Draussen Würzburg


Cumbersome processes with Filemaker and Excel

4 days, 50 plus bands, around 150 volunteers and up to 80,000 attendees – organizing an event of this magnitude together with an extensive fringe program requires considerable effort that extends over the whole year.

There are countless addresses and contacts to manage, volunteers to engage and coordinate, dates and performance times to schedule, contracts to conclude, accounts to prepare and much more.

For a long time, Ralf Duggen did a lot of this with Filemaker and Excel. However, the lack of options for synchronizing, teamwork and mobile use prompted him to look for an alternative. This is when he discovered Ninox.

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A big advantage of Ninox is the short learning curve. You just start and get results very quickly.
Ralf Duggen
Managing Director of the association


Ninox as PMS, CRMS, HRMS and CMS

Together with Bastian Vorholt from Magicnetworks, Hoffmann developed an individual database for his business and gradually expanded it into a customized all-in-one solution. In addition to the customer master data and a list of services, it also includes further functions for quickly creating offers and invoices, scheduling and call-out planning as well as time recording and documentation. In addition, Hoffmann's Ninox solution also supports preparatory accounting. This enables incoming payments to be matched and assigned to invoices via imported account statements in a largely automated manner. Incoming and outgoing invoices are automatically sent by email to the DATEV account, where they are further processed by the tax advisor. And in the event of late payments, the dunning system takes effect.

Key Features:

  • Order management
  • Documentation
  • Accounting


The reason for changing to Ninox was the desire for a central, always up-to-date database, efficient team collaboration and the ability to flexibly use the software on various end devices, including when mobile. These expectations have been fully met for Ralf Duggen and his 20 or so comrades-in-arms. Whether selecting bands, scheduling the program or managing personnel and finances: it facilitates the joint organizational work immensely if all participants have access to the same, always up-to-date information. This applies during the lengthy lead-up preparation and during the event itself. And, of course, it also applies afterwards, when numerous accounts have to be prepared and evaluations made. Here, the solution's various features are precisely adapted to the organizers? requirements and processes.

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