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What is really important for everyday work? This is what the partners at asked themselves when looking for suitable software for their legal firm. In the end, they rejected the frequently over-bloated industry solutions in favor of a lean, efficient, in-house development with Ninox.

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Customer profile

Vogt Calderón von Fragstein Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, or for short, is a law firm in Dsseldorf specializing in commercial law. The nine lawyers are internationally active and offer advice in seven different languages. Their areas of expertise include corporate, employment and distribution law, data protection, mergers & acquisitions as well as financing & insolvency.


Avoid constraints posed by industry solutions

When founding the new firm, the partners at also wanted to break new ground in terms of organizational aspects without being constrained by complex industry solutions. They wanted a streamlined, easy-to-use software that could efficiently handle all important administrative processes without having to click through extensive menus. It should be possible to create clients, contact persons and files quickly, as well as record times and expenses effectively in order to automatically generate fee notes. They learned about Ninox through personal contacts and decided to develop an individual solution with it.

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Ninox offers us quick, easy access to exactly those features that we really need as a law firm in our everyday work.
Antonio Calderón


Lean software with smart features

With the help of Ninox and the digitalization experts from q23, a solution was developed that is precisely tailored to the needs of a law firm like The desire for ease of use was met with icon-supported, context-based navigation that enables direct access to relevant functions, but also displays status information at the same time. New clients or files are automatically checked for conflicts of interest or their relevance pursuant to Germany's Money Laundering Act (GWG). Very importantly, times and expenses can be recorded directly from the dashboard as well as from the relevant file. Based on this, they can then later create formally and substantively correct fee notes for clients and statements of account for associated partners – effectively at the push of a button.

Key Features:

  • File management
  • Time recording
  • Invoicing


All lawyers at work with the Ninox solution on a daily basis. No time-consuming training was required for this. The visually attractive, largely self-explanatory user interface directs users to the relevant functions in a context-based manner. The "traffic light system" immediately shows which points have been completed, where information is still missing or where questions need to be clarified. Times and expenses can be easily recorded and assigned to the relevant cost unit, which also makes invoicing much easier. All this not only saves valuable working time, but also significantly reduces the error rate. Ninox's low-code concept has made it possible to implement individual development wishes promptly and cost-effectively ? and will continue to enable this in future.

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