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An ERP solution for a technical specialist company

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The Solar Wiebe GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist company for photovoltaic systems based in Gummersbach, Oberbergisch, Germany. Managing Director Viktor Wiebe was previously self-employed as a master roofer, but several years ago he switched up his career and, together with a business partner, successfully specialized in the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems of all sizes for private and commercial customers. The main catchment area is the Bergisches Land and the greater Cologne and Ruhr areas.

Paperwork requires high manual effort

 For a long time, Viktor Wiebe had been working with classic industry software, but it did not do enough to support his processes and needs. Whether it was tender preparation, ordering, or personnel planning, the administrative tasks, even when done on software, still required far too much manual effort and left little to no time for other parts of the business. His problem was one shared by many other craftsmen.

When he restarted, it was clear to Viktor Wiebe that he needed to organise his business more efficiently. Conventional craftsman software was no longer an option for him. Until then, he had only used Ninox sporadically as a knowledge database, but recognized its potential as a development platform. When it came to it, the decision for an individual solution with Ninox was obvious.

With Ninox from quotation to post-calculation

After the consultation, the customer expects a prompt offer. However, the calculations are often complex and have to take multiple parameters into account. With Ninox, Viktor Wiebe and his sales staff only need a fraction of the time to prepare a complex quotation, with exact calculations down to the cent and profitability analysis included. If the order is then placed, the subsequent steps are also optimized and digitized: for warehouse management, ordering, personnel, and project planning - at Solar Wiebe nothing is left to chance any more. With Ninox, everyone involved in a project always knows exactly what needs to be done, where it should happen, and by when. Labor time and material usage are both recorded and incorporated into the overall view of each individual project.

"With Ninox, we've gone 100% paperless."

Viktor Wiebe

Managing Director

Key features

  • CRM with customer database
  • Offers with amortisation calculation
  • Offering / warehouse management
  • Order processing with project database
  • Document management
  • Work / project time recording
  • Cost control / post-calculation

"We started with the preparation of the offer and then gradually expanded our Ninox solution step-by-step during ongoing operations."

Viktor Wiebe

Managing Director


Solar Wiebe's solution shows what is possible with Ninox. The range of functions corresponds to an ERP system and covers almost all operational processes, from acquisition to order processing and post- calculation. All work steps, from initial contact with the customer to their quote acceptance, are documented and can be traced. Each project is clearly structured and the optimized ordering system ensures that stock is kept in line with requirements. All documents are also sent directly from Ninox.

Most importantly, thanks to a wide range of templates and automatisms, every employee is now able to work with the system and use it efficiently for their area of responsibility. Whether in the office, home offices, or on-site with iPads, a total of almost 60 employees use the system regularly.