Complex research powered by a simple tool
Ibility needed to transfer quickly and efficiently to a more powerful research solution. No other provider could offer a change in tools so smooth that no one would notice it was happening - until Ninox.









Customer profile
Founded in 2000, Ibility is a European research and development partner for public and private organisations. Using a people-first approach, it has developed a substantial research portfolio in human resources and the labour market. Ibility's services enable new answers to old problems – ranging from preventing sick leave and empowering school leavers to converting underused skills into regional potential.
Simple tools for complex tasks
Carrying out action research in two Swedish offices and with research and development partners all over Europe requires agile tools that simply work – without stealing focus. The tools have to be straightforward for everyone involved to use and be able to adapt as new knowledge appears. Ninox has grown to become the core of Ibility's delivery and development efforts, enabling easy adaptation to specific partner requirements.
Ninox Review
With Ninox by our side, we are never distracted from the key to our success – innovations that put people and their abilities first.
Torild Carlsson
Owner and CEO
An easy choice presented itself
When Ibility's previous database Bento was discontinued, Ibility scanned the market for alternatives. It was essential to get a seamless transfer that would not interfere with critical research and development work. Ninox soon stood out as the obvious choice – equally straightforward but more powerful and even providing a tool for the transfer. Today, Ibility uses Ninox as an on-site solution that continually develops together with Ibility's services.
Key Features
  • Data management
  • Process management
  • Data import
Being a development partner in a field with significant economic and human stakes carries the responsibility of delivering industry-leading solutions. Seemingly minor enhancements can make a substantial difference in the lives of people, businesses, and communities. Ninox allows Ibility to stay agile. An idea presented in a morning meeting can be implemented, tested, and evaluated before the end of the workday.