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29 May 2018

Ninox Blog Post



Discovery Yachts Group – passion at work..

Discovery Yachts Group is a British luxury yacht building company started by people with a passion for sailing who take pride in building bespoke yachts of the highest quality. The founders of Discovery Yachts Group were looking to construct a yacht for their own cruise in the Mediterranean, and they remain blue water cruisers to this day. The design was to be very simple for ease of handling by two people and capable of sailing around the world. The passion of Discovery Yachts Group is expressed in the production values; the yachts are bespoke, and take approximately a year to complete.
Kerstin’s husband manages the business along with a team of in-house naval architects, designers and craftsmen to build yachts for blue water sailing. Over the past two years, the business has grown from building 4 yachts to 20 yachts last year.  Kerstin was tasked with finding an adaptable, value for money solution for the sales and aftersales teams.


A mouldable solution for supreme Owner care..

In the light of the company’s growing customer base and the objective of providing supreme owner care to their customers, Kerstin was looking for a customizable solution rather than an off the shelf product that can be adapted to fit the Discovery Yachts Group business model. Ninox is the core solution for sales management, implementation and post-sales support for the company.


“We wanted a solution to mould to our requirements. We were not looking for an off the shelf solution. Most of the things that they provide we didn’t use so the return on investment of those products was not useful”

Ensuring customer satisfaction at a time when customers want everything done “yesterday” and to their exacting specifications, with an emotionally charged product and high financial stakes requires dedicated and uninterrupted customer interaction.



The Discovery Yachts Group customers take pride in owning a truly British yacht. The Discovery brand and business model is build on the confidence of word-of-mouth recommendations. The sales team uses Ninox to manage the customer journey from the first enquiry to post-sales support. The Discovery team provides technical assistance via email and call, route planning, shipping spare parts and on-site support to respond to customer enquiries from all around the world.


In many cases, the sales cycle from enquiry to purchase may be as long as 2 to 3 years. Continuous and quality engagement is paramount in luxury Yacht business. Ninox puts the entire customer journey and history at your fingertips. By clicking on a customer, the past correspondence, service requests and invoices are shown in a structured format, which helps conduct personalized conversations while saving time and effort. This allows the owner care team to forecast the expected requirements and customer enquiries, resulting in faster response times.
Simple. Easy. Kerstin built the database on her own..

Kerstin built the Discovery Yachts Group Ninox database by herself in a matter of weeks. Kerstin also manages all ad-hoc customer marketing events through Ninox by setting up an events management database for 150 guests in just a few hours. She uses this to manage invitations, event costing, and to record and manage the event outcomes in Ninox. 

“I could easily learn how to relate my data, write functions and create business process flow like I wanted. Soon ideas from my mind were live in Ninox”

Ninox wins hands down as a solution provider through sheer customer focus and by virtue of a custom solution based on an understanding of the business requirements and challenges. The ease of data access from multiple device and GDPR-compliant data security, Kerstin regards Ninox as an important factor in the further growth of Discovery Yachts Group.

“Simple to use. You can just switch it on and find all your work in one login. You can use it from any where, browser or iPad/iPhone and carry on from where you left off.”


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