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Maria Kolot
14 May 2020

Ninox No-Code Challenge:

Let´s support our art communities.   

Ninox Screenhot

Let's build something for our art communities to help them bring their practices online by building a virtual gallery to showcase their work and being less dependent on the physical space.

Here's how to:

  • Sign-Up to Ninox (no credit card needed)
  • Pick your own no code stack
  • Send your project to

The winning projects will receive:

  • 1st price: Ninox cloud - 3 years (worth: 300 US$)
  • 2nd price: Ninox cloud - 2 years (worth 200 US$)
  • 3rd price: Ninox cloud - 1 year (worth 100 US$)

All projects will be published on Ninox and partners promotional channel, with credit to the maker.