SteRee Group transitions their CRM from Zoho to Ninox due to its flexible, user-friendly interface

11 December 2019

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The Customer

UK based SteRee Group own and operate three businesses. The principal business, and the largest operation is SRG Consulting, a care consultancy specialising in the provision of support, guidance and mentoring for Care Quality Commission compliance, governance, operational management and mentoring. In addition the Group also provide day care services for people with physical and learning disabilities, and deliver festivals and event across the UK.


"When we first saw Ninox demonstrated we were impressed. The platform looked really user friendly and offered the flexibility required to meet our specific requirements"

The Challenge

The customer faced before Ninox legacy platforms, painted pictures of the nightmare that was Steree Group had been paying a premium price for Zoho and it wasn’t able to meet their needs. Whilst it performed adequately as a simple database to record basic information, a much more flexible and powerful solution was needed. Despite speaking with Zoho they never really understood the business, and overall service quality was disappointing. Importantly it wasn’t even possible to produce meaningful data or reports for the business, leading to confusion amongst the whole staff team.



The Solution

Having spoken to the local Ninox representative the team at SteRee were really impressed with the initial information and support they were given. Whilst Ninox can be setup within 24 hours for a single business, it still took only two weeks to get the platform up and running as a single portal able to handle the demands of operating three different businesses

"The greatest overall improvement has been the overall impact on the business. We have seen great improvement efficiencies which have led to a saving of £900 each year"

Key features

  • A database capable of managing the record of three businesses
  • A notes system to enable sharing of records and information across the team
  • Email management aligned to the database
  • The ability to manage three businesses with a single login


The Benefits

Ninox is used by eight staff within the group, and is operated both remotely and using desk-based Macs.

Implementation of Ninox has significantly improved efficiencies within the business and has demonstrably saved both time and financial resources.Feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive.

The simple and easy to use interface is easily adaptable enabling the business to make changes and continually adapt the system to meet their needs.

They also speak highly of the support that has been provided by Ninox. On the rare occasion when they have needed additional support everything has been resolved in a single phone call by staff who listen and clearly work hard to understand what is needed.


About Ninox

Ninox is a collaborative, cloud-based platform for business teams. We empower users to build business applications and automate back office workflows without writing a single line of code.



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