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UK Köln

Research needs standards for data management in order to be effective. We are using Ninox software, as it provides an intuitive tool to create a customised relational database, which helps us to organise our research projects, the raw data storage, analysis and documentation in one place.


Ninox is a great benefit to our daily operations! We can now access data in an incredibly efficient way. No matter if we are on desk, in a meeting or are travelling. We use Ninox for accessing real estate & clients data from our data ware house on the go- Powerful database- Easy to Set up & Use!


Qatar has special policies to keep track of different kind of employee information. Existing databases in the market are very generic and not easily modifiable, requiring investment to make changes. Ninox is the database application to easily set up our processes from scratch.

MMB Surfacing Ltd.

Since developing & integrating our organisations’ Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality systems in the Ninox Mobile & Desktop applications, we have aligned all of our objectives by improving the focus on key process areas, leading to a marked improvement in all areas of our services provided.

University College London Hospitals NHS

I work in healthcare and had no database development skills, however I can now say I am skilled thanks to the intuitiveness of Ninox and the amazing 1:1 help of the Ninox team. I don’t think anything currently on the market (believe me I shopped around) could beat Ninox on price or service.

St. Paul's School

Ninox provides a easy to use database, excellent customer support and offers an excellent database environment that is very easy to customize, links between tables are easily created & you can get you data setup in minutes. Their cloud offer allows you to access your data using the free iphone app.

Provisions International

Ninox has revolutionized the way we use "database". As a medium-sized firm, we’ve searched years for a program that was easy to use, customizable & generates reports at a whim. We use Ninox for CRM, commission & order entry program. Thereby eliminating the of cost third-party disjoint applications.

Discovery Yachts

We wanted a solution to mould to our requirements. We were not looking for an off the shelf solution. Ninox manages the customer journey from the first enquiry to post-sales support. I could easily learn how to relate my data, write functions and create business process flow like I wanted.

Nagle Fireplaces & Stoves

I have solved a lot of issues using Ninox in my business. I am always thinking of new ways to implement Ninox to improve my business. Currently using Ninox for CRM system but i can implement many more options. The possibilities are endless, support team is helpful & inviting to speak with.

ePlan Energy Ltd

I have so far set up Purchase Order system, Products, CRM, Employee data, Training& Equipment Logs. Ninox is one size fits all CRM I've been waiting for- without having great coding experience, but a good knowledge of Microsoft Excel, it didn't take me long to get grips of huge potential of Ninox.

Kayak Centre, South Africa

Complete Database! The customisation, integration & flexibility of the database is the best I’ve worked with. Ninox has allowed me to create an Online-Order-Manufacture Schedule-Despatch-Invoice-Payment system for my business. I can see everything that is happening in my business from one database.

Couette et Croquettes

Ninox is an awesome app for business. The Ninox app looks simple but is, in fact, a very powerful tool to create a complete database. For business, the cloud-based storage gives you seamless cooperation between users. I work with multiple tables from client information to reservation then invoices.

New Beauty

I've found the database what I needed. Easy to learn and to configure the software. It is very flexible and highly customizable with lot of function. The support team is very helpful. Less administrative work time but more accuracy. I can easily see analyses which are important for business plans.

Aerotech International Ltd

As an inexperienced database user, I find it quite easy setup.Relative ease of use, but most of all the cloud integration and having several people able to access and update it at the same time. I also like the fact its on a secure platform, removing a data protection issue from our office.


Best database I know, very easy to use and with a lot of functionalities. A lot of possibilities to customize, easy and fix to build new powerful databases, great templates, sync with cloud, helpful manual, phenomenal support! For me as a start-up coach it's a one fits all solution.

Bastian Lenhard Photography

Ninox is an absolute boost for everyone with a small business and even more than a simple database. For my business, saves all my customers & meetings, for the return of tax for the finance office, let me do my financial statement & year-end closing, scan barcodes, print labels, calculate the amount

www4you AG

Ninox is much easier to use than other relational databases, the colors & icons make working fun. It can be used on iPhone, iPad & a Mac is a killer feature for me: data available everywhere. A mobile organisation tool for everywhere, tailored to my needs,was something I was looking for a long time.


It is great, multiuser, easy to customize. Infinite possibility to use it & programme it everywhere. Ninox gave me the possibility to have a professional database, tailor-made for my company needs and daily upgradable on my own. Ninox lets me manage a professional multiuser db.

Silver Palm Productions

Ninox is excellent Mac-based databasing software. We have been able to automate our quoting process, and make our CRM much faster and more accessible (from the cloud, and from our iPads, and syncing with the cloud and many devices). It is highly customizable.

TNT Concrete Resurfacing

Ninox makes it easy to build a business database system for your organization. One of my favorite applications. It is awesome.

James C Schell, LLC

Flexibility is a huge part of the Ninox platform. Ninox has the power of a multi-relation, multi-platform, mobile, scriptable database. And it can also be an easy no-scripting data gathering tool. As a small business owner, my needs develop on a daily basis. Ninox is my secret weapon.