Application "Home Page"


Ninox currently displays a list of tables for a given group as its "home page".  Some applications might benefit from having a custom home page which might be a static page with links, or a dashboard which would look like a full-page form.

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Good idea! We have something similar.


We have a "Preferences" table with one record and one form. The Preferences table opens to a form, not a table. There is a Choice field named "Startup Table" on the form that allows the user to select which table to display automatically at time of database startup. A script similar to the following was added to the Options/"Trigger after open" property ("Options" is located beside "Data Model" at startup in design mode):


let v := text(record('Preferences',1).'Startup Table');
if v = "Contacts" then
  openTable(v, "Contacts");
  if v = "Transactions" then
    openTable(v, "Transactions");
    if v = "Invoices" then
       openTable(v, "Invoices");

CAUTION: Make sure that the Choice popup field has a "None" item, in addition to a item for each table name. Otherwise, you might lock yourself out of the default database home page. It is best that you backup your solution before you try this.


This is similar to a technique I used in another system.  Very clever!  Thanks!