Better code editor, some suggestions

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I write lots of code in Ninox to make better and better my databases apps, thank’s Ninox 👍

So, It would be great :

• To be able to put comments in the code, and keep the “breathing returns” to make your code more readable.
• To have a ruler, or a field, or another trick to see the column position of the cursor… to quicly go to to err position defined by line and column.
• To quickly pass from some script to another, without making dozen of clicks. May be opening multiple windows.
And please : don’t clear my code when an error is detected ! I suggest could comment it... When the comments will be possible.

I also find a visual bug when dragging and droping words in your code : All the code seems to be draged and it’s hard to see where you drop your element.

Sure that ninox team will fix this in the next version 😁.

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Hi Pascal,

Some of your suggestions are already there, the others are very welcome in future version updates especially the deleted code when an error is detected.commentninox

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Ps: Cursor-position is not visible in ipad version.

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I did'nt know that is was possible to put comments between double-quotes. I just tried it.

It could be few confusion with a text returning value from a function. So you have to pay attention that the returned value is the last line without need of semicolon (;)

But it works. That's great, thank you Steven.

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To avoid confusion you could make your comment look like a conventional comment.


"// This is a comment";


"/* This       ";

" * is         ";

" */ multiline ";

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Yes slowwagon you're right, thank you. It's what a finally made to bring out my comments. But it's a shame that is impossible to comment an end of line.

Well... I'm shure the Ninox team is working on this editor, cause the script language becomes more powerful and more essential to make good and pro apps.