Changing the size of the fields.

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Hey Team,

Is there any way to put an option to change these fields sizes? It would be really useful for things such as when i press a yes/no buttion, an extra field unhides itself and the other fields change their sizes so that field can fit between them, or something like that. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 3.45.28 PM

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If I may make a suggestion, you could place a space layout element on your form where the hidden field would go. When the choice is selected you can hide the space element and reveal the field and vice versa.

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Hi Agus, 

A dynamic change of the fields sizes would be very smart indeed. At the moment it is not possible yet and therefore I would go with the suggestion of slowwagon. But one of our aims in the further developement of Ninox is to improve the usability of the input forms. Thus there will be surly some new features or options in one of the upcoming Ninox versions.

Best regards, Jörg