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I write this as constructive criticism I hope you take it in this way.

Love the product but your documentation could be a lot better, e.g. pages are far too long without any anchors or links resulting in constant scrolling and searching, lots of answers are only in the forum and don't get into the docs often requiring multiple searches to find, too many times the forum answer is to bring this up in the workshop which is useless for a user looking for the same answer sometime later when the answers in workshops are not recorded anywhere (no video, no transcript, no summary, no forum update, no document update), the forum has very little structure so finding relevant answers is often hard! I use a lot of online services and am regularly referring to documentation and despite having an awesome product your documentation is not. 

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Fair enough. We should and can do better.



I totally agree!! A proper documentation would help especially beginners like me ;-) 


and there is nothing on Amazon??grrrr

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We are already working on it and hope to be able to release it soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Jörg


Alec, Ron, Sebastian,

Please reach out to Amelia at She has exactly what you are looking for, fully indexed searchable Manual and videos as well.


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David. Thanks but you miss the point or are just advertising. Nioxus is a training partner and charges for the manual and support, which is fair enough but I shouldn't have to pay twice, once for the product and its awful inhouse documentation and European only timezone support, and again for a 3rd party company to provide what Ninox should be providing themselves! I have already moved my production systems away from Ninox as their documentation is so bad, their support is webinar only based i.e. painfully slow and inconvenient, they make unannounced undocumented changes to their cloud and they provide no service status information or out of hours support (I have on three occasions lost a full day of work and associated income because their system was broken, but I'm in Austalia and it was still the night or weekend in Germany so no response, no information and no fix, just mysteriously working the following day). Like I said originally a good product but an amateur organisation. Just look how long ago I asked for documentation and it's taken 6 months for a "We are already working on it and hope to be able to release it soon" response, and it's still not done. If they were serious why haven't they bought Nioxus or contracted them or someone to do the documentation, why don't they have a proper changelog, why don't they have a service status or announcements page, why don't they have 24/7 systems monitoring and support for a cloud service, why don't they record or transcribe support webinars, why don't they regularly update FAQs or a knowledgebase (they are a DB company and have no knowledge base, how ironic is that), etc, etc. If you're a hobbyist or don't mind flapping around in the dark or watching endless webinars at inconvenient times or are happy to contract Nioxus or someone else then maybe, but if you want/need to do a professional job yourself then Ninox is not the right company regardless of their product. 


Sorry to hear Alec that you have had to move to a different system, what product have you moved to? if that is ok to ask?

I am based in Australia also and using Ninox professionally for my clients I'm also a Partner. I have not run into any issues yet that I cannot solve via the forum or the manual, that being said my background is being a developer not that it makes a difference in using Ninox.

All this being said, I do agree that the documentation could be a lot better and that having to pay twice for the same information to two different providers is hacky at best.

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Hi Scott. I'm a long term Integromat user, was actually how I heard about Ninox, and decided to give them a go as they seemed affordable and supported webhooks (in a round about sort of way via their NX script) something that Airtable doesn't do.

So I migrated a lot of my Airtable bases to Ninox Cloud, using the manual which took a while as it's so badly organised. I've moved back to Airtable and have changed a few workflows to avoid needing webhooks as much (mostly using Integromat) and then implemented high rate polling from a Node-RED instance I have in the cloud, that essentially adds webhooks to Airtable changes. I was using the hack to send alerts to Slack and then webhook from Slack, but it was unreliable and took up to 60s and grouped alerts, not really good enough for any realtime processes.

Also playing with Airtable's beta development, which I think is still in closed beta so can't talk about it, and their new script block. It's not ideal, but Airtable's documentation, availability, reliability and performance are all way better than Ninox. I have also looked at Fussio which shows some promise but was a little buggy. I did also look at Coda, but they are expensive if you want access to the good features and their event model is on a slow and limited cycle basis, i.e. not really realtime webhooks either.

I struggled to find a good fit but couldn't deal with Ninox being offline so often without any explanation and their terrible support (I imagine if I worked in Germany it would be OK, but I don't). They introduced rate-limiting into their API, told nobody and still haven't documented it months later, that was one of my outages that took days to sort mostly due to timezone and being fobbed off to attend a support webinar. 

Ninox also lacks a feature that has proved to be frustrating; you can't get a URL for a record, or anything else for that matter (other than spectacularly insecure sharing of read only tables), so you can't provide a link to a user, e.g. if you notify a user that they have a new record or updated record you can't also give them a link to open the record, best you can do is mention details from the record so they can open Ninox and go searching. They do have some good features, e.g. running a script via the API or at various points in the interface, but downtime is downtime and they have done nothing to address this. 

Just for clarity, my previous career was in corporate business systems on the support side, not a developer as such more a network/server engineer for global online systems. I'm ITIL qualified and mostly dealt with operations, including managing global support teams, I guess it's why I feel qualified to point out how awful Ninox is in this area. These days I'm a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and my IT is all about supporting my multi-disciplinary clinic, i.e. much smaller scale and much less time to waste on digging through forums or attending webinars to find something that should be documented, but the principles of security, availability, performance and quality remain much the same. If a client can't book in because Ninox is down again I lose money, and Ninox's SLAs/OLAs are a joke so I had to move.

My suggestions have fallen on deaf ears and I'm not a big enough customer to force the issue. 


Yeah, thanks for clarifying some stuff for me, had no clue of some of the items you point out. You mentioned rate limiting, limiting what exactly? 

I have not run into Ninox being down yet, but would like to know how often they are down as ideally it should NEVER be down especially when we are operating live processes, say integromat moving large amounts of data into the DB.

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