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Fair enough. We should and can do better.



I totally agree!! A proper documentation would help especially beginners like me ;-) 


and there is nothing on Amazon??grrrr

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We are already working on it and hope to be able to release it soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Jörg


Alec, Ron, Sebastian,

Please reach out to Amelia at She has exactly what you are looking for, fully indexed searchable Manual and videos as well.



Sorry to hear Alec that you have had to move to a different system, what product have you moved to? if that is ok to ask?

I am based in Australia also and using Ninox professionally for my clients I'm also a Partner. I have not run into any issues yet that I cannot solve via the forum or the manual, that being said my background is being a developer not that it makes a difference in using Ninox.

All this being said, I do agree that the documentation could be a lot better and that having to pay twice for the same information to two different providers is hacky at best.


Yeah, thanks for clarifying some stuff for me, had no clue of some of the items you point out. You mentioned rate limiting, limiting what exactly? 

I have not run into Ninox being down yet, but would like to know how often they are down as ideally it should NEVER be down especially when we are operating live processes, say integromat moving large amounts of data into the DB.


Hi Alec,

Totally get your point and agree. That is why we (NIOXUS) started to offer support to the global Ninox community and offer many levels of support, (from manual and video playback to 1-hour call back times with a 24x7 number) that we hope fits the needs of most.

As much as we would love to offer this support for free, it’s just not feasible to run our business that way.  We always do our best to give support when needed, so there are free YouTube videos and webinars where we freely answer direct questions (although it may not be a great time of day for everyone), and offer discounts to non-profits and service members. Yes, we are promoting our service - marketing - but we want to help, so reach out and we’ll do our best.

Either way, much hope and our best to you from the Nioxus family.


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As a new trial user with a FMP background from many years ago, I am still in the process of making up my mind as to which route to take. FMP 19 would have been a good choice except my Mac OS will not support it and I am not willing to upgrade at this point since you have to download, install then access the cloud version which is what I was trying to avoid anyway. 

In regards to Ninox, it has been quite an irritating learning curve and I am only working on very simple projects for other to enter client data after I have created the solution. Some of the frustrations are learning a new database system, and the fact the forms are very very simple so I cannot always get the layout I want. However, a bigger issue is the support. The searches in the forums tend to return a too broad a category or list so lots of hunting around. Also the fact the Webinars seem to be live and not recorded for later use is 100% useless for my needs being in California. 

Right now, the verdict is still out but I have to say that Alec's comments are very interesting and he does seem to have very valid points, which is making me look around further. I do use AirTable too, but find the form view, if it can be called that, horrible looking. Needs are so simple that I am even looking at going back to Excel or Google Sheets so people can get started entering data from handwritten invoices (8k of them) into a customer database. 

Hope Ninox can restructure like most of us have had to and resolve those issues that seem to be the most frustrating for us overseas and out of the EU time-zone. 


Dear Bill,
our webinars are live and recorded, so you can find many of them on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. If you have any obstacles in Ninox you can book a meeting with us.