Layout Editor to show "page break"


I have created a rather large form for an contract over multiple pages. It would be great to have a visual indication, where the size of the page is and a new page starts. 

Up to now, I need to this via the numeric entries in the editor, so it is aligned nicely when flipping the pages.


Hope fully this will be adopted and this seems semdible feature to have a visual break on layout editor

As a work around!. What i have done is add a text box dragged it's size to fit the top and bottom of th epage and inserts a bit of text and head and foot. ie "...". set the style colors to very light grey and font to say 7pt so hardly shows and sent this box to the back!

Gives me a page break indicator and when shown on page to client in pdf's it is hardly visable !! 
i guess in your case you would add 2 or 3 of these