Please create a configuration management utility that can be used to export / import design configuration between Ninox databases.

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I am going to add this into the Change Request database. but I thought I would also add it here to get more feedback.. 

Please create a configuration management utility that can be used to export / import design configuration between Ninox databases.


While it would be GREAT to have this in the base product, not everyone would require this capability, so having either a separate utility (similar to the Ninox Admin) or having it as an upgrade feature in the core database (something off the wrench icon) would make the most sense. Either way, this is another revenue source for Ninox.


Here is how I envision this tool would work... Given that a database is made up of Tables.. and tables have
- views (forms, charts, etc)
- Fields
    Fields have lables, types, tooltips, triggers, etc..
- triggers
- (I am to lazy to do the complete meta model here.. but you get the point.)


The utility would permit me to add "tag values" to each design element. I would then search the entire database for my designated tags (or perhaps modified date) and create an export configuration file. For example, let us assume that on Table 1 I added Field Z of type text and tagged it as "v1.1". On Table 2, I modified "Form View 2" and added a layout element of a "header" and also tagged that as "V1.1". I would then use the configuration utility and search for the tag "v1.1" and select the elements that I wish to "export".


On another database, I would use the utility to "import" the configuration file that would do a "merge" of the configuration into it (updates, insert new items, etc.)


I fully understant that it is much more complicated than what I list above.. which is why I would license this as a separate module.

Your thoughts?

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Oh.. I see an "up vote" button in the CR database .. :)   If you like this idea.. Please go "Up Vote" Change Request ID 1571.  You can also do a find on "configuration".. 

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Thank you for your valuable feedback. We hope to release such an assistant in one of our future versions. 

Kind regards, Jörg

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YAH! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for as well - it would be REALLY, REALLY helpful!!!! 

Jörg ... I definitely ++ this one! Have any idea as to 'when' - more/less?

[Should I go to the CR Db and "Up Vote" as well /is CR dB in Webinars or elsewhere?/ THANKS!!!

And THANKS @Mconneen - for keeping me from tearing my hair out on this one ;-)

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Hi Karen, 

at the moment I can not give you certain date.

Best, Jörg

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For the record... In the Mac App .. for LOCAL databases, you can import data from another Ninox database, and bring in the table definition, scripts attached to the table, table fields, optionally the attachments and data.   This gets me most of the way there..  then copy/paste any global functions...    But it is a pain to archive / import / archive / import when you want to do this to a cloud database.