Provide a ninox interface to the iOS app "shortcut"
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Hello again. I'm trying to communicate automatically between Ninox and some of the iOS apps. This is dozen of clicks ans go and return between applications to make only one appointment for example 😫.

It would be GREAT if ninox could provide actions in the "Shortcut" iOS app. For example, with a client record, clicking only one button to launch shortcut and create a calendar meeting with an automatic sms to confirm the date to the client.

Ninox could provide a shortcut action returning the content of a field selected by its name, of the displayed record (only this will be great). Another action could select a record in a table, and so on. With only few Ninox functions in the iOS Shortcut app, the power of Ninox could be enormously rised.

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Pascal.. I am not sure I follow your use case ...   You CAN create a calendar entry via Ninox..  See the syntax for 

createCalendarEvent(calendar, title, from, to)

Also.. to automatically SMS the client.. you can send via an email.. but to their phone.. Most providers have a SMTP to SMS gateway.. 

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Here is the thread that outlines sending SMS through email gateways.

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Thank you, but it is not a good solution for me, i have to respond immediatly to a customer sms with a reservation. As i wrote, this was an example of what you could do if these Shortcut interfaces were present in Ninox. In fact, there could be no limit in the abilities to combine Ninox with Shortcut scripts.

I did'nt publish in these "ideas & suggest" part of the forum to complain but to share ideas. I have no problem with the ninox scripting and my ninox apps already have hundred of script lines. But for a new customer of mine, i need to make more than a douzen of clics an manual action to share and sync all his data in different apps.

Ok, I'll only use Ninox as it is, and no waste more time here. Ninox is still pretty good and cheap. And that's great.