Somewhere to share user templates?


Hi everyone at Ninox,

Is there or could there be a place on the site to share templates made by users?

For example, among other things, I use Ninox to manage the parts library of an amateur orchestra I play in. I have made a template and would be happy to share it with anyone with similar needs. I think it could fairly easily be adapted for any other kind of library.

Incidentally, one great thing with Ninox, unlike Excel for instance, is that dates can be before 1900. This is vital for historical purposes (e.g. composer dates). Altogether, I cannot rate Ninox highly enough for the power it offers at such a reasonable price. Well done!


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Dear John, 

Thank you for sharing your database with us and other users.

I have already invited you into our "Webinar EN 2018“ team. This is the (newly founded) site for sharing templates and sample databases. Please register in the 00_Info_Contact database. You are kindly asked to register your uploaded databases there as well.

If anybody wants to join the "Webinar EN 2018“ team please let us know and we will invite you too.

Best regards, Jörg


I would love access to sample databases to help learn Ninox, thanks. 

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First, Thanks for sharing.

You can also post them in the forum under use cases. There are a lot of users who don’t folow the webinars, and vice versa...

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I would like access too. Thanks.

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Hi Jörg, I'd like to be invited/added to the "Webinar EN 2018“ team as well. Thank you!! Karen

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Dear Karen, dear Jeff,

I have already invited you to the Webinar EN 2019 team, in a separate e-mail. 
Please accept the invitation in order to get access to the team and the database. 

Kind regards, Jörg

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Got it/Accepted!! Danke schön! 


Hi Jörg, I would like to be invited as well to the Webinar EN 2019




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Hi Jan, 

invitation is sent.

Best, Jörg