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Use Update Trigger to Chnage the value in Linked Record
I have been using Ninox for over a year now and create identical fields over multiple records as I am keeping information on clients (broken up between male and female) but now when I try to edit anything, it gives an error message saying 'ambiguous field names'. I have seen that fields that can't have the same names but why is it, that I have been able to do it for the last year but now I can't?
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I have three tables, Employees, Job Numbers and Time. In time you link to an employee in the employee table and a job number in the job numbers table and all works great. However I have tried to build a control panel to link to the two tables but it wont work. I can build it in employees and it will create a record in time but not link to job numbers and visa vesa if built in job numbers. Is it possible to build a control panel in Time to enter the record and link to two other tables? If so can someone help with how I would link them? Below is the code I used in the employee panel.
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