ALERT when value drops

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Brian.. I will email you a link to the sample database.  Yes.. an alert is  possible.. Yes.. a look up is possible.  Let me review the link you provided and I will see what I can do for you.   Thanks for your dedication to the children's health! 

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That's fantastic.  Thank you SO much.  My email address is

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again. :)

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Hi Mconneen

Just wondering whether you had a chance to look at the LOOKUP Table issue?  If you're very busy, would you have a guide I could reivew to see whether I could try to have a go at it?

Thanks so much for any further help you can provide


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I briefly reviewed the tables ( .  It seems you would want to do a range lookup.. That is more than possible.   I will not have time to look at this until after the Christmas Holiday .. perhaps I can get to it the first of the year. 

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You're very kind.  Thanks so much for you offer to help!  If you're too busy, I'm happy to give it a go, and you could then fix any blunders I make (LOL).  Either way, I greatly appreciate all the help you've provided so far and for all that you're continuing to provide.

I hope you have a great Christmas break, and I look forward to any update you have in the new year.

Kind regards


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@Brian.. I have a soft spot for folks in the public / medical sector.  My better half is an R.N.  The daughter has a Masters in Publich Health (MPH) and works for a non-profit.. The Pops was a fireman/civil servent.. ;)  Will try to get to it. 

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I sent you an email...   Here is a bit more detailed question.. 

Please advise as to how you intend to use this table.   Following is a snapshot from the girls table. 


Here is what it conveys.. Please review and advise... 

A value that falls within the (1) range.. would be considred GREEN .. 

A value that falls within the (2) range .. would be considred YELLOW .. 

A value that falls within the (3) range.. or under the lowest or over the greatest .. would be considred RED. 


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Also.. what would the "warnning" notice be?  Would a simple rating as to the "column" be OK?  


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@Brian..  To make it a bit more confusing...  I am reading through

It says "Weight-for-length and weight-for-height charts are separate...."  and also references a break point range.. So.. I am a bit confused as to which table to use..  Further.. there are separate charts for infants.. 

My inital thought would be a "between" type query .. so using the above 45.0 row... There would be multiple rows.. something like (but not exactly).. 



The query would find where Length is equal to measured length.. and measured weight is greater than or equal to min weight and less than max weight ...   and return the indicator..   So, if the child was 45.0 and weighed 1.801 kg.. the query would return SD3- as the weight is "between" the ranges min / max. 

Please look for my prior e-mail and perhaps we can take this offline and schedule a Skype call to surface the user story requirements.. 


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@Brian.. I sent you an email with some additional questions.   I have the this table built in Ninox..


Per the link.. Do you want to see the "alert" color coded?    Are any of your users color blind?   Which negates color coding.. :) 

Per the email.. I could also build you reference tables for the other provided WHO indicators:


Using these tables.. I believe this negates the initial requirement of an alert when the weight drops / gains from prior weight..  Provided that the value is within the acceptable range.. (SD0 +/- SD) ..   no alert.  

Please review your email and reply..   

Merry Christmas and Happy Ninoxing.. :) 

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