Anybody else having issues logging into Ninox site using Chorme today?

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Anybody else having issues logging into Ninox site using Chrome?  Firefox worked.. my usual browser is Chome... and when I click "Login".. NOTHING.. :(    If I clear one of the fields and click login .. I get the expected "All fields required" error.. so I know the "click" is working.





No issues on my hand. At least; none related to the use of Chrome for Ninox ;).


*at my end

(Also, is it possible to edit my comments after uploading them?)

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No editing has been one of the gripes on this forum.

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@Bas .. what version of Chrome and OS/X are you on?

I am still having issues with Chrome Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) on OS/X 10.13.6 (17G8030)

It appears that I get a successful log on.. then it never forwards as it does when I now use Firefox.  I noticed this on Friday Sep 13..


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Friday through Sunday I was not able to log in from Mac 10.13.6. I tried with Safari and Firefox without success.

Today, Monday, I came to work where we have windows and managed to log in with Microsoft Edge.

The weird thing with Firefox is that while I'm loged in (auto log in) I can't post. The Post button does nothing.

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Logon worked today.  I also received an email from support that this should be fixed.

I did notice some goofy things on the forum.. Could not upload an image.. but never looked into it.