API for file and images



Someone know a script method to import or push files into DB ?

thanks. 8-)


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If you are using the Ninox Cloud version .. There is a REST/API 


not sure how the image would work... 


Thanks Mconneen. You are right. Doesn't work with image and file... 

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Given you are referencing "a file".. are the images in "the file" as RAW .. or are they links?  You could always upload the images else where and link to them.. Not ideal.. but I do not fully understand the use case.. :( 



hi Mconneen,

I have create a app for EMS (Electronic managment System). I scan all my documents incomming in a folder and with a local webserver i send info to ninox with rest api.

if you are interested in my implementation you can write me an email.Nice day to you and see you soon.