Automatic updated field with date for each time I update something


Hi All,

I'm totally green with ninox, but I really feel I have tried everything I have read on the forum on how to make field that automatically updates with the date of today each time I for instance update the location, name of company etc.

... but whatever I do the field is just empty. 

Can someone spot what I'm missing?


I use it on a Mac.

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You set the trigger in a Field (Date) level.

Set the trigger in a Table level.


Hi Nick, thanks for your answer. Can you or someone else tell me how I do this? 

Is it here?

If it is what shall I add in front of to make sure it does the change in the date field?

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Peter, je suis novice aussi, mais je crois que j'ai la réponse 

Choisi le champ qui doit modifier la date




et rajoute la formule 



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check here:



Managed to get it work, thanks guys :)