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I understand programming and have programmed in Visual Basic and Filemaker. If given an example or two I can usually figure things out. If I create a button that runs a script or a function like replace(YourField, "", ""). could you send me a few lines on how to do this? I can usually go from there. Is there a place to define functions? I want to hit a button then the program goes to a particular filed (rich text or multi line text), seraches for key words like "cix" and then replaces the word with a predefine paragraph or few lines.      Also, a simple combine fileds into one long paragraph will be important.  After that I normally use a "layout" to make certain customised reports.  I have not found that function yet, but I have only just begun.   Thank you for your time.  Or if there is a reference material available I would be happy to refer to that.   Thanks again - Mark


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See "Replace" about half way down the page at:


let v := replace(string, find, replace);



Be sure to include the colon when assigning a value.


In Ninox you have a table and a form. When viewing the form, select the print icon. That will bring you to what is similar to a "layout" in Filemaker. It is more powerful than it first appears. For example, you can layer elements like placing a field on top of a form image. While in that view you can make mulitple "layouts" by adding tabs at the top. You can also insert views that are similar to adding portals in FileMaker.


There are many good Ninox Learning videos at: