Best Practice - Forcing search results - formula vs update text field on trigger

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Hi all

At the moment, to make results appear how I want in search/lookup functions, I have 7 formula fields at the top of the form that contain info I want to appear in the search. They pull info from elsewhere in the form.

I'm wondering if its best practice to use formula fields, or if I should have text fields and a formula in the trigger on update that fill those fields with the relevent data?

Worth noting I have the display if for these 7 fields set to null so they dont appear in the forms/table views, just in the search/lookup functions.

The reason I'm asking if because I understand that formula fields can take longer to load?

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Would searching and/or filtering from the list view, instead of from the form view, solve your problem? You can instantly add or remove columns from the list view. Maybe I am not understanding your question.

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Hi Westy


I'm referring to when you say, click on a linked table field to bring up a list of records in that table, to link to the current record. Cant remember the proper terminology, soz!

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>I have 7 formula fields at the top of the form that contain info I want to appear in the search<


Please explain your above wording.

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I read on the forum that any search areas in Ninox (global search, looking up a record to link et), shows the first 7 fields.

As I have formula fields to create buttons and various header aspects of my form page designs, I need to have 7 formula fields which literally just contain info from other fields in the table.

For example. I have a field called "Search Company Name" at the very start of the form (hidden), which has the formula 'Company Name' to populate that records company name.

This allows me to control what the user sees when they do a lookup or global search.

However, I'm concerned this might slow down pulling up search results, so I'm wondering if it would be better practice to use text fields instead, and fill those fields via a trigger after update formula.