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Hi, i have table with name : invoice item. I want make button when push it , make new record and open article. Please let me how can do it



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let a:= create Article;

popupRecord(record(Article, number(a.Id)))

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Thank you but this formula open one item only. I think i say mistake. I want when push add record and open all items in article then i can choice item for invoice.986D1B75-152A-4E1D-B8EE-FE31104511AB

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See this link. I think it has the info to do what you want.


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I could'nt. i have one table with name: invoice and another table is invoice items. in invoice items i should find or search products from Article table in invoice item. i do it and noproblem. when i have register invoice for my customer , i need do quickly. 

now first i push + and then search or add from Article, as like photo in attach.

In fact, i need with just one click (button), two things are done. first creat one record in invoice items then open Article table that i can choice my product.  




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Thank you very much.

Best, Jörg