Can Ninox sync with either Google Calendar and or Ical for Mac? If so, how?


Can Ninox sync with either Google Calendar and or Ical for Mac? If so, how?

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The app can sync with iCal.

The new release 2.4.0 comes with an API. This will enable to sync with Google calendar and others.

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Great! 1. How do I get the new release 2.4.0 ? Secondly, HOW do I sync it with my I cal?

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The release of Ninox 2.4.0 will be launched before August the first.

In order to sync with your iCal please enter the settings of your appointmentfield you like to sync with your iCal and set the combobox "Show in calendar" on Yes.

After that go to calender options and choose the calendar you wish to sync: 

calender sync options

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For some reason the "Calendar options" window does not open on my OSX app v2.4.0. A wheel appears and disapear almost instantly. Any suggestion ?


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I don't see the Google option. Does this work on the Mac version or just the cloud version?

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This works on the mac app for both. 

Please, log out from iCloud and restart your device. Log in to iCloud and try again.


Does similar function exists for contacts?

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You can import your Mac contacts.

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Amrosama - To import your contacts, select the "Contacts" option on the Import Data screen.  This is the middle option at the top of the screen just beneath the screen title.

Then click the "Install Table Template" button that appears on the second Import Data screen.

Finally - when the third screen appears, click "Import My Contacts".  This will bring the contents of your address book (Mac) into the staging table that was created in step 2 above.

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