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can I sync mac with ipad


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@DavidEdson I’m assuming you’re using both the Mac app...and the Ninox iOS app — you can sync via iCloud.

When you add a new dB template you’re ‘asked’ if you want to sync to (or use) iCloud. There’s a way you can do that as well for a dB you already have (can’t remember off the top/head but it is in the (online) Manual).

You can only use Admin 🔧 mode on one device or the other at a time (safeguard :-)

— To get into Admin mode on the device you’d like to work on, use “Reorganize’ found in the dropdown menu (‘Save archive as...’,  ‘Duplicate database,  ‘Close’). You’ll know you need to do that if you don’t see the 🔧 in the upper, right corner. 

You can also sync via Ninox Cloud (subscription), which works really great! 


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cool, thanks for your help

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You're welcome @DavidEdson  ... any time! ke