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I have two tables "main parent" and "children". When I create a "main parent" it maight have 0 to many children. If the "main parent" has children, I have to compute the number of boys with an age than more 12 years old. 

How can I do that ?

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Sounds like a homework assignment.. LOL.. 

Check out the manual ..  and search for "age(Birthdate)".

Basically .. you just want to search the children where age(Birthdate) > 12.     If you do it as a "composite" table, Ninox will take care of the foriegn key relaionship... If not a composite table.. then make sure to also use the "main parent" primary key = "children" foriegn key.   There is a little hidden gem that if using the Ids.. you can use number("main parent".Id) = number(children.Parent.Id).. 

Finally, Julian Kirkness has posted a few blogs that you may find useful. (THANKS JULIAN!!!!) 
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