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Hello! We are using Ninox to create a database of attendees for my new dance class. Is there a way to create an attendance register for the weekly classes within the app to get a total of who attended which class at the end of each term? 


The dance class is for new mums and their babies, one piece of information we need to collect is from mothers who suffered the effects of SPD during pregnancy. I’ve created a tick box of Yes of No, but cannot work out how to create a chart of the answers.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Jessica,

This is absolutely possible. Please book a call here to disucss your requirements,



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Hello, I'm an art teacher in primary school. I have created a database of parents who will later choose classes for their kids (music, film, pottery, etc.) I failed to avoid double records though (Location field)... Can I export the list of attendees separately for each class to CSV or Excel?


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You need to create a database of runners. (sprint, hurdle race, marathon, etc.)

For example, while we are using the google questionnaire, which drives everything into Excel and from there we are already taking data and forming a database.

How and with what can you create such a client-database registration?

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