create reference for existing data


I have imported data into two tables. invoices in one and company in the other. The invoices already have the company name ina field in that table so how do I create a reference between the two using company?  There is over 40,000 invoices so its not practical to do this manually.

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There is some good information here..

but you may have to re-import them. 

You can also create a reference between Invoice and Customer (A customer may have 0:N Invoices.. an Invoice will have 1 and only 1 Customer).... then either use the console.. or create a button that updates each Invoice with the customer by doing a look it.  This is a rather simple for loop... 

See  .. and search for "loops"


for i in (select Invoice)
  i.Customer = first(select Customer)[Name = i.CustomerName]

If this does not get you close.. I can actually hack something out. 

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Sorry.. that should be "... by doing a LOOK UP".. :( 



Mconneen, Thank you so much for a very quick response !  I used the importing linked data instructions and I have resolved the issue.

Again - your prompt answer is much appreciated.

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You bet Barry.. and Happy NinoxING.. ;)