Database created flag on iOS version?

Is it possible to have a flag indicate the timestamp that the database was created? Presume that would also mean duplicated or archived, etc?


Alternatively (but essentially the same info) a way to indicate when the database was first opened?


I have searched the forum and have seen _cd, _md and they work for records, but can these perhaps be applied to indicate when a database first opened?


many thanks


There is currently no inbuilt auto means of generating such info, but can anyone think of an elegant solution here, surely this can be achieved using triggers, etc?


thinking outside the box....?? Create, etc..?

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You could use "Trigger after open" in "Options" to create a record in a status table to record the Date/Time.


let newRec := (create StatusTable);
newRec.('Date Opened' := now())


Of course, the table and field need to be defined before that code is used.


Thanks Sean, I did pick this up earlier this week but my post failed, so apologies for the delayed response but this is just what I was looking for so thanks kindly.