Sorry, but I am confused

I quickly created a number of tables/database (which show as different items on home page)

When I open a database I sometimes see a 'spanner', sometimes I see 'Options' but sometimes I see nothing and cannot see any way to access a datamodel. Is it a fault in the initial setup?

What differentiates a database with a data model and one without?
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the "spanner" is only available one ONE device. (Usually the device where the Ninox database was created.) Use the option "Reorganise" from the main menu to transfer "the power".

Birger - Ninox Support
Is it possible to link to a table in a different database?

I have multiple databases for my team and I would like to share some common data between databases.
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Hi John,
at the moment this is not possible. We are considering this for a future release.
If you use Ninox on the Mac or iPad App you can import one database (or parts of it) into another Ninox database.
Birger - Ninox Support
Hi Birger, I had the same issue and found my answer here. "Reorganise" is a very vague word. Is it possible to change it to "Unlock Database" or similar term? I initially thought the "Reorganise" is to rearrange something in the database.
The way it's designed is so clever though.
Thanks again!

I am using Ninox on my laptop and my desktop computers. When I set it up, I did so on my laptop but I use my desktop more frequently. Administration mode is available to me on my laptop, but not on my desktop. Can you please tell me how to make it available on my desktop?

I prefer to have Administration Mode available on both machines but if that is not possible, please tell me how to move it so that it is available on my desktop computer.

Thank you
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Use the "Reorganize" button in the main menu to switch ownership.

Birger - Ninox Support
Thank you so much!

how do I reorganise back to my iPhone ?

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Hi Victor, 

Reorganize in iPhone as shown below,



Sakshi-Ninox Support