Different validating field result when validating searching existing record in a table or when adding new record in a table


Hello I'm new in Ninox, need Help!

I want to copy automaticly in a field, the result of a search record in a linked table. this is working when the search record is already existing in the table but that doesn't work when i 'm creating a new record in the table.

the new record create is existing and display in the field(table linked) but if i trigger on update to copy it in a another field that doesn't work.(it seems to be not confirm)

i hope you wil understand my explanation and help me



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Hi TomGun,

you can also put the trigger on the link field. 

Access the field settings of the link. Here you have the option to execute a trigger.

Let me know if this helps. If you have questions, please visit one of our webinars or schedule a meeting with support.

Best regards, Alex