Dynamic choice field - showing Id instead of description in print view

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Can anyone help please, this is driving me mad.

I have a table called 'Inspection Report', and within this is a dynamic single choice field pulling from another table called 'Mechanical Services'. 

In the inspection report it appears as it should, showing the 'Description' field e.g. "Full Service", and not the Id.

When I go to print the inspection report to pdf however, the field is showing as the Id of 22 and not saying "Full Service".



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Maybe this helps: record('Mechanical Services',number('Mechanical Services')).Description


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Thanks Steven, but still no joy I'm afraid...maybe I have my tables set up incorrectly somehow.

I have emailed Ninox support to see if they can help as I have a lot of tables all communicating with one another.


OK after some trial and error I cane up with this


You are correct. In print view it wants to take the record number but you can update the formula in the print view as shown

Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 17.52.58


Screenshot 2021-05-28 at 17.53.16


Here my dynamic choice table is Colours and the value is Colour





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Are you suggesting that the Id must be converted to a number and then assigned to a variable instead of converting it to a number inline like Steven's solution?


No, I realised it can be done inline after I posted. Always the way...

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Hello Anna. Did your email to Ninox solve your problem? I've got the same problem, and have not, to date, found a solution.

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If you are using the printer icon to get to print layout mode, then you must delete the Dynamic field with the Id and replace it with a Formula field. The structure of the formula is...


record(Dynamic field source table name, number(Field name where the Dynamic field is being used)).Field name in the dynamic source table


Anna doesn't provide the field name of her Dynamic field so that's a guess...


record('Mechanical Services', number(Description)).Whatever her field name is in 'Mechanical Services'

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