Email send/sent help needed


First question--where can I see the emails that send out of Ninox?  I need to be able to reference/see/track invoices that are sent and to who.

Is there a way to cc myself on the emails?


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Yes, cc and bcc work, so you can send yourself a copy, or a blind copy. That may be all you need.


It is also possible to automatically copy the email to a new record in another table as an archive. You could do something like this:


from: userEmail(user()),
to: To,
cc: Cc,
bcc: Bcc,
subject: Subject,
text: Text,
html: Html,
attachments: Attachment
let d := Date;
let t := To;
let c := Cc;
let b := Bcc;
let s := Subject;
let e := Text;
let h := Html;
let t2 := (create Table2);
t2.(Date := d);
t2.(To := t);
t2.(Cc := c);
t2.(Bcc := b);
t2.(Subject := s);
t2.(Text := t);
t2.(Html := h)


In the above code, Table2 would be the archive file. Note that "create Table2" does not create the table; it just adds a new record to the table. Hope this helps.




Thank you, I tried this but I never receive the email.  Here is what I have and works great for everything but the cc

let myEmail := userEmail();
let myPdf := printAndSaveRecord(this, "FBA Invoice" + ".pdf");
let myName := "FBA Invoice" + '2. Referrals2'.'Last Name-Client' + '2. Referrals2'.'First Name-Client' + ".pdf";
importFile(this, myPdf, myName);
from: myEmail,
to: 'Case Manager'.Email,
cc: userEmail(),

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Note that the "from" email always has to be the user-email you use to login for Ninox, maybe that's the problem?


Steven, thank you.  It works great if I don't have the cc or add a second email.  If I put in cc it says not recognizing the cc.  I tried to: first recipient with different things ,;+ to bring in a second recipient.  I tried the cc: CC: all different variations of that.  So I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.  Any other ideas would be appreciated.



update:  It appears to working from the coding standpoint--no errors, but I never receive the email.  I receive the emails to the outside person okay, just not the one to my user name.