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I'm discovering Ninox at the moment. Really interresting product I must say, especially to quiclky organize data capture.

However I need to make a lot of custom reporting with my data and for that I would not like to rely on Ninox capabilities but on other tools such as Excel sheets or custom scripts (pyhton or whatsoever).

Is there any chance I can connect to ninox internal DB with some sort of SQL (ODBC driver ?). What's the underlying DB format of .ninox ?



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Hi Lionel,
this will be possible with our next update where we will introduce an API. Under the hood Ninox uses an open source db engine provided be google (bigtable).


Hi Birger,

Sounds good. If I unzip the .ninox I get a data.db file. Could you point me to a software that can allow me to browse my data in a relational way (like DB Browser) ?