Is there a function/calculation to be able to group and summarize data by week? Monday through Sunday I think I can build multiple calendar tables, but much work and error prone.
I.e. I have ran six times this past week for a sum of miles.
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You could use the function yearweek, e.g.
yearweek('Invoice Date')
You could then group by this column and choose to sum up invoice amounts.
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Sorry, somehow I didn't reply directly to your post. Pls. see above.
Thank you Frank. I will give it a try.

I'm a new Ninox user with very limited coding experience. I was wondering if you plan to open up a user forum. This would be incredibly helpful for me and other non-tech users like me so we can ask coding questions without having to bother your support team who would be better placed dealing with actual problems, not teaching us how to code.

I was also wondering if there is any plan to turn on the native iPad keyboard field buttons (the up/down arrow above delete). These would enable a much faster method for inputting data without having to take your hands away from the keyboard.

Ninox is a really great database app and I look forward to working with it.

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Hello Gaz,
thanks for your input. There is more to come ..
We are glad to help if there are questions. Just send a mail to support@ninoxdb.de or write a comment.
Best regards, Alex
First off all: Keep up the good work, this is truly a wonderful app.

Currently using the mac version and setting up a database from scratch. Really intuitive and what i really like is you can "build on the go" very easy.

currently i have 2 things i miss ( or maybe i cannot find it):
1. is it possible to have a textfield masked, and can be revealed by pressing a button. i am also storing passwords. i don't want them to be accidentally visible by someone looking over my shoulder.
2. can i secure the database with an access password?

some other q's
- is the data in the database encrypted?
- where is the database stored?
- will it be possible to work with separate database files in the future?
- will it be possible to create some kind of "friendly" menu.

that is it for now, i'm going to keep on building my project

Thank you!
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Hi jurgenvt,
1. Ninox does not offer this feature. You could help you with field visibility rules: A (fancy) example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9cqpc3dv6hvfxz0/Hidden-Password.ninox?dl=0
Have a look at "Display only, if" of the Password field, the table's trigger on create and the action button.
2. Encryption is planned.
Local databases are stored at ~/Library/Containers/de.ninoxdb.ninox-mac.Ninox/Data/Documents/data
iCloud databases: ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/BJE6SD455T~de~ninoxdb~ninox-ios/data
We plan to implement more flexibility for the layout of the start screen.
Best regards, Frank
Nice , thank you and will look at your example
I would like to add a field into my Invoice to distinguish taxable from non-taxable items. The function should ideally be in the table where I list the individual services and products, so that I can add both types (taxable and non-taxable) into a single invoice. The VAT should then only calculate items that are taxable. I have tried to find this functionality, but was unsuccessful. Could you please help?
thank you