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The selection entries in the selection field have their own IDs (right in the field).
If your entry "caesarean section" has the ID 1, then the formula is:

number (operation) = 1

Thanks so much!

I would like to clarify the situation with iCloud and syncing between devices.

1) Can you only sync between devices if you pay the 100€ per annum iCloud fee? Is there a way of syncing between devices manually?

2) If I have a database that has been created in the cloud, is there any way to make it "device based" without having to completely re-write it?

This is a wonderful program, with top class support. Many thanks
I have worked out how to move the database from the cloud - duplicate the database and select "local".

But I would still like to know the answer to the question about syncing without using the cloud.

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1 / No. These are two seperate sync mechanisms. iCloud is an Apple service used for devices running on the same AppleID. There is no monthly fee charged by us to use iCloud sync.

2 / Yes. You'd do is like this:
- Select "Save Archive as..." from the main menu.
- Next select "Import achive" import the file just saved into a new (local) database.

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Wonderful - thank you again for the swift and helpful replies
Just starting with Ninox on Mac and iOS. Neither app displays the Start Page or the Database home page.
Mac OS 10.12.6
iOS 10.3.3

Also wondering if there is a way to format the tables so that cells are wrap to fill so that when I print I can see the full contents of all cells.

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could you contact me as support@ninoxdb.de at provide some screenshots. I would also like to know the version of the OS on your devices.

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There have been a number of improvements to the scripting language, but the user manual does not document them. Will there be a downloadable manual? At the very least, I'd like to see the online manual updated with the new commands and functions.

Also, is it possible to add a "do Case” function? I have several databases where I currently use a series of nested if...then...else statements that could be more efficient with do Case. Thank you.

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Hi Michael,
we just completed a PDF version of the manual:
Do case is not supported yet.
Best regards, Alex