Don't know how I figured this out, but you need to state the parameter type after the ":". For example:
FunctionName(x : number, y : text)
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Thats true. Here is another example:
function myAddition(n1 : number, n2 : number, n3 : number) do
n1 + n2 + n3
myAddition('Number 1', 'Number 2', 'Number 3')

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I created quote table and invoice table. Quote table has subtable inside witch is linked to the services table. Is it possible to have a reference created inside the invoice table with quote table and to generate the same subtable in the invoice table?
I want after selecting certain quote number to generate the same subtable inside the invoice table, so I don't have to put the same information twice.
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If you could send me (support@ninoxdb.de) a copy of the Ninox database you are working on (Main menu -> "Save Archvie as...") I'm sure that I can find a solution to your problem.

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I have a choice field to select a service. This service must have a sub category that must also be selected in the choice field. In summary is there a way to set the contents of an option field according to a parameter or another component.
field choice 1: service
web, domain, SEO, ftp

choice field 2: depending on the selection of the choice field 1

if web: field choice 2 = hosting, mail, premium, basic, standard

if domain: field choice 2 = gandi, elite, microsoft
if referencing: field choice 2 = google, private, expert
if ftp: field choice 2 = ftp account, public, private

I looked at an example with students in the faq of August 29, 2017 at 7:02 pm by Leo Semik, but I can not do a nice thing.

A little help for this approach?

Thank you in advance.
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Hey Robert,
the possible options of a choice field cannot be filtered conditionally. A possible solution could be to have several choice fields and make them visible only on certain conditions.
Use the "Display field only, if" option for that purpose.
Also, keep in mind that you need to compare choice field values with their numeric value (e.g. MyChoice = 3).
Hi, Just wanted to point out that on my system (MBP 15 inch late 2013 running High Sierra) the shortcut for deleting a record (cmd-backspace) does not work.
If I can leave a question, Is it possible to calculate a Running Total (something that FileMaker would call a sub-summary) on a table so that the cumulative total appears as a field in each record?? Thanks. John
Hello, is it possible to add several formulas in the same formula field?
Like sum(xx)-(yy) sum(pp)-(TT)
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seperate them with a ";"

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