Find index position of a value within an array


Is there a function to find the index number of an item in an array?   For example - array of [a,b,c,d] - how do I find that b is in the '1' position in the array?  I know I can do item(array,'b') to get '1' - is there a way to do the reverse?

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I know I can do item(array,'b') to get '1' 


It's the other way around... item(array, index). Index must be a number. You could compare each index item until you get a match. You have some idea of what your looking for in the array or is that not the case?


right - sorry - wrote it the wrong way.  Basically - I have a name "Tom" and I want to get the name of the Person before Tom in the array - or want everyone before Tom, etc. - so I want the index number for Tom in the array - so I can split the array at that index and then do last(), etc. on the front half.

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You can use a while loop to find the index number and then use the slice() function.


let i := 0;

while item(array, i) != “Tom” do

i := i + 1



You might have to use text(item(array,i)). I can’t test it right now.