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in field of number,there is some format . I will write for example: 12.000.000 but i dont see this format . How can write it?

23.000.000 also 12.000.00$


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I am an old guy.. Is that a valid number format?  I have seen #0.00 .. but not #0.00.00 

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not work. i have field of number. there is number format. but i can not make with this : in field not available and with formula i can not. 

number format show me; 2 000 000,00 and have not option for this that show

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As Mconneen already writes: That is no valid format of a number. You can only have one decimal separator. If you want the point as a thousands sepearator there has to be 3 zeros at the end. 

Kind regards, Jörg

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New Sun... You will have to treat the number as a string and write your own parsing.. then put the string back together using "." where you desire.