Formula randomly displays date+hour instead of only date



I use a very simple formula that is meant to calculate the difference of days between two date fields. It works, however sometimes the value is stored as "xx days" and sometimes as xx days 1:00" or 23:00 or other hours. I don't understand where the hours come from and I'm looking for a solution to only display the difference in days.

An example of formula used is: 'Reception of validated FS (IC)' - 'Date of signature of the contract with the back donor (IC)'

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


I just tried that and was able to duplicate it. Weird as I only picked days.


Anyways, if you just want to find the number of days between two days you can use the days function:




It returns only a number but at least it doesn't give you the silly hours.

Scroll down to near the end to see all of the date functions you can use.


This subject has been discussed several times. See for example:


Thanks to both of you. Fred, your solution works well and solves the issue for me!