General Knowledge question about Databse structure and Logic


As you all know, I am completely new to this wonderful program. First, is there anyplace you know of where I can get a general overview of how to go about data modeling and the logic behind designing a database? I saw that one of the templates has a sub-table for example, which led me to think of why one would need a sub-table instead of just another table and having that be refered to from a table, my knowledge is that limited and i need to learn! My emails to Ninox about what I want to do have gone un-answered. I have a specific project I am working on and I have an Excel spreadsheet which mostly does what I want it to do, but doing it as a database would be, I think, more elegant and useful, considering I can change views on the go and see information in different relationships which is not as easy in Excel. Thanks in advance.


Hi Marek,

There are some good videos from these guys

This is the first one:


There are 3 in the series on structure I think but lots more on other things.


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Thanks! I've looked at them, but they don't really deal with the idea of, for example, why sub-tables as opposed to linked tables. I'm kind of overthinking this perhaps. I'll continue looking.


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I think, what you are looking for is named "Datebase normalization" and 1 Normal Form, 2NF, 3NF
Try to find these terms, this is how a database should be structured.

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Thanks Peter!