Has anybody already fetched invoices from Getmyinvoices or invoicefetcher and transferred them to Ninox via API???


I want the invoices to be placed in a table in a way that both the invoice data and the invoice document itself (pdf) make up the data record.



Thomas Beck

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@Thomas ... I have NOT..   Reading this 



Looks like you can either consum a file, have them pushed into the Ninox Cloud via REST/API .. or write pull them into Ninox by calling their REST/API. 


Thanks, GMI sync tools are comfortable, but I am thinking of full automation for the import of invoices into Ninox. Hoping to get some code examples for the API(s), since as a Ninox user I am not a great coder...

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@Thom... Perhaps I misunderstand your intent..   Reading this "You can even use a custom HTTP(s) endpoint where push the fetched documents to. If you use a custom ERP or DMS solution, you use this to connect your system with GetMyInvoices easily. If you prefer to pull documents instead, feel free to use our API."

You can configure GMI to push into your Ninox cloud "custom ERP".  I assume GMI offers some sort of mapping interface .. but as I do not have it.. It is hard to say. 

There are several German based Ninox Partners (I am assuming German based on your email address) that could assist you in creating this solution. 

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@Thom.. You can also book a one on one support call with Ninox Support... 



And they can help direct you.